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Consulting- Strategy

Generating more revenue starts with a detailed conversation about where you are and where you want to be.  We then build a marketing plan to help you hit your goals.  Although we would be privileged to continue our relationship, the plan is yours and you are free to implement the plan internally or with another vendor.  


You understand that an improved online/social presence would help your business but you have limited time to perform engaging activities.  So, we get you setup on our social marketing platform, optimize your business online and ensure you have a well-designed, consistent image across your digital networks.  We then start managing and implementing activities on all your social media networks, review sites, etc.  These are the time-eating activities you know are important but will be happy to hand over to us.  Ultimately, you save time while better engaging your target audience. 

Training - DIY

We encourage our clients to work with us and learn how to DIY.  Being a small business owner, you probably like doing most things yourself anyway, sometimes it just takes a little training.  Or maybe you have someone on staff that handles your marketing but would like to be more efficient.  Some clients just need some general marketing assistance, such as image and/or website design.  We can help with that too!  Whatever the case, we have the training experience and can help you with everything from creating your own images to setting up and posting engaging content to your social networks.

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